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You will easily understand we are a couple leaving in Grenoble (France) and we fall in love of India.
Don't forget this sub-continent is a nation who owns at least 15 official languages.

We already have the pleasure to visit and learn two states at the extreme sud, Tamilnadu and Kerala.

Here we travelled with standard local buses. Also  we ride a motorcycle  (Royal Enfield Bullet 350) and contacts with local people have always been really simple and easy.


Dominique, is a nurse . For her, meating people is a second nature.
She has a real passion for all kind of litterature and all kind of travel.
She already experiment North Europe, North America, South America and India several time.
She got the motorcycle virus from Jean-Luc, and as a result, the idea to come and visit her friends of the dispensary did sprout.
She is the mum of Stéphane Marie-Pierre and Rémy.



Jean-Luc is an engineer, and motorcyclist for more than thirty five years.
BMW faithful fellow, he already ride thousands of kilometres.
A trip all around Scotland comforted him  in the ability to discover while travelling.
Inquisitive, adventurous, gentle and peaceful are his main characters. He his the dad of Julien, David and Caroline.


Nobody is perfect and nobody owns the truth, but serenity for thousands years we should respect!


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