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Our first objective is to reach Pondicherry from Grenoble riding a motorcycle . . . and come back withing 100 days, during winter 2004. It means 26000 km and 10 countries!

With our respectives 2x 50 years of existence, we want to honnor the 50th anniversary of the independance of Pondicherry, while riding there within 50 days , and 50 days back.

Even if it is a human challenge, (sportive ... for shure!) we also want come and visit, and if suitable help our  friends of the Dubrayapet's dispensary, extension of CERTH-India hospital in Pondicherry's sub'urb.

Dominique did help as a nurse in Nicole Durieux dispensary during the year 2002 and if your generosity needs to express, we can guaranty that each little 'ruppy' is used for the best. When you know that a compress (as you know for our littles injuries) is cut in 4 peaces for the cares, you can easily understand that any help as litle it could be is always welcome.

Helped by some Grenoble's traders and friends,  Solidarity Relays are put in place. Any participation's coin is welcome.
This money will be sent 100% to Dr Balasubramanian.


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